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Down East Dispatches, Maine NewsFirefighters rescued a driver from a truck teetering between the walls of a 60-foot-deep gorge near Smalls Falls. The truck had careened off the road after hitting a guardrail.

40 Miles Southeast of Portland

Five days after leaving Bath Iron Works for sea trials, the $4.3 billion stealth destroyer USS Zumwalt received its first order: rescue an ailing fisherman. The crew hoisted Dale Sparrow on deck, and he was whisked by helicopter to a hospital for treatment.


Two months after being declared Maine’s most dangerous city based on violent crime statistics gathered by the (Lewiston) Sun Journal, Bangor was ranked one of the nation’s safest cities by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


A customer at the Circle K found $7,900 in bills among the Snickers on the checkout counter. The money was turned over to the Ellsworth Police, who found its relieved owner via Facebook.


Sarah Mulcahy of Baring Plantation won the first MLNCKT Marathon with a time of 3:14:20. The race was organized by Gary Allen, the founder of the Mount Desert Island Marathon, to help boost the economy of the struggling mill town.


Amputee Randy Lord received a federal patent for his invention, Amp Fins, which help amputees swim with greater speed and efficiency.

Seal Harbor

Domestic diva Martha Stewart saw a good thing for sale next door to her Skylands summer estate, so she bought it: Ox Ledge, a 16-room cottage designed in 1900 by Duncan Candler, the same architect who designed Skylands for Edsel Ford.

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