Talking Heads

custom hat by Bespolk
Photographs courtesy of Liz Polkinghorn

The word on Liz Polkinghorn’s first statement hat was a four-letter one. She knitted it to wear out to her Falmouth barn when she cared for her horses, a private source of amusement about an all-purpose expletive — the word you utter when you burn your hand on a stove, say, or when, like Polkinghorn, you move back to your native Maine after living in sunny California and remember how cold it can be. The hat didn’t stay private for long: Polkinghorn’s kids and their friends loved it and demanded hats of their own. Now, working as Bespolk, Polkinghorn has expanded her knitted vocabulary to include celebrations (“bride”), emotions (“blasé”), politics (“stable genius”), and more. Handknit with Maine wool and fur pompoms.

shit hat by Bespolk
blase hat by Bespolk

$110. 207-321-9432.