A River Town’s Treasures

Wiscasset’s infamous traffic jams are your cue to stop and explore. The village on the Sheepscot is chockablock with antiques shops, boutiques, and splendid ship captains’ homes.

BIRCH Home Furnishing and Gifts, Wiscasset
Photograph by Mark Fleming

Shop for art, pottery, and other pretty things at BIRCH Home Furnishings and Gifts. 72 Main St. 207-522-4045.

Butter Stamp Workshop, Wiscasset

Antique butter molds are templates for wall plaques and beeswax ornaments at Butter Stamp Workshop. 55 Middle St. 207-882-7825. 

Ingram Antiques, Wiscasset

Ingram Antiques specializes in Oriental rugs, as well as works by artists living and dead. 85 Main St. 843-789-9565. 

Squire Tarbox Inn, Wiscasset
Photograph courtesy of Squire Tarbox Inn

Spend the night off the beaten path at the stylish 1763 Squire Tarbox Inn. 1181 Main Rd. 207-882-7693. 

John Fazzino, Carriage House Gardens, Wiscasset
Photograph by Mark Fleming

Find garden ornaments and decorative items (like this John Fazzino fluted vase) at Carriage House Gardens. 62 Pleasant St. 617-974-7720. 

TRIFLES, Wiscasset
Photograph by Michael Seamans

TRIFLES is chock-full of vintage curiosities like angel wings salvaged from sculptures and signs. 55 Main St. and 55 Water St. 207-522-5559.

Castle Tucker, Wiscasset
Photograph by Michael Seamans

Castle Tucker offers a glimpse into the life of an early-20th-century sea captain’s family. 2 Lee St. 207-882-7169.  

Savor pastry creams, Treats, Wiscasset
Photograph by Mark Fleming

Savor pastry creams and other delights at Treats. 80 Main St. 207-882-6192. 

Keith Oehmig, Wiscasset Bay Gallery
Photograph by Mark Fleming

Keith Oehmig is among many contemporary Maine artists represented at Wiscasset Bay Gallery. 67 Main St. 207-882-7682.