Kittery Point’s Lady Pepperrell House

The Georgian home was a monument to Lady Mary Pepperrell’s late husband, William Pepperrell.

Lady Pepperrell House, Kittery Point, Maine
Photo by Julie Senk
By Julie Senk

In 1760, anglophile Lady Mary Pepperrell shipped in English craftsmen to build her high-style Georgian home in Kittery Point. Befit with a central pedimented pavilion, fluted Ionic pilasters, and bracketed cornice above the doorway, the home was a monument to Lady Pepperrell’s late husband, William Pepperrell, a successful merchant and the only American to be designated a Baronet in the British hierarchy of nobility for his role in King George’s War. Lady Pepperrell weathered the Revolutionary War and its aftermath in this home, which remains privately owned, proudly maintaining her own title until her death in 1789.

May 2024, Down East Magazine

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