Best of Maine: Self 2013

Soak your feet while drinking tea. Be a senior in college. Join a sports team.

Photo: courtesy yoga in the park/Spencer Nighman

Sports League 

PortSports Social Club
Joining one of PortSports’ many sports leagues gives Greater Portlanders a great excuse to get exercise, meet new people, and give to charity (each team competes on behalf of one). But, really, it’s great because organizers Dave and Morgan Surkin know how to have fun. The games themselves include kickball, ultimate Frisbee, wallyball, softball, bowling, and whiffle ball, and, thankfully, they never get overly competitive — it’s called a “social club,” after all. In addition, they host tongue-in-cheek events throughout the year such as the Beach to Bacon pub crawl. Sign up for a league at

Foot Soak and Tea Pairing 

Soakology, Portland
Experience head-to-toe relaxation through the calming power of tea at Portland’s Soakology. Sample from the teahouse’s loose-leaf teas, then choose from a selection of more than twenty concoctions of foot soaks under the categories of relaxing, uplifting, curative, or moisturizing. Give your feet the Pine Tree State experience with the “Maine Woods Salts” — a blend of detoxifying sea salts, spruce, and rosemary essential oils. 30 City Center, Portland. 207-879-7625.

Holistic Dentist 
Maine Center for 
Dental Medicine
The state’s only holistic dentistry, the Maine Center for Dental Medicine in Skowhegan has earned a devoted group of followers who actually look forward to their appointments (really). Its fans appreciate that the center treats the mouth within the context of overall health, rather than as a standalone entity. The center also emphasizes nontoxic (specifically, mercury-free) materials. 59 Pleasant St., Skowhegan. 207-808-7355.

Lavender Products 

Glendarragh Lavender
Harvested on an idyllic twenty-six-acre farm in Appleton, Glendarragh Farm lavender is used in the farm’s line of pillows, sachets, bath salts, seasoning, body lotion, and more. The company believes strongly in the many uses and beneficial properties of this dynamic plant. Take one step inside the store in Camden, be overwhelmed by the aroma, and it’s easy to see why. 22 Main St., Camden. 207-236-8151.

Senior Education
Maine Senior College 
Started in 1997 at the University of Southern Maine, the Maine Senior College Network is a consortium of seventeen independent learning centers from York to Fort Kent. Courses include everything from foreign languages to religion to the history of opera, all for a minimal tuition and annual membership, starting from twenty-five dollars. 
No tests, papers, or grades — just intellectual stimulation for those over the age of fifty. Find the college 
nearest you. 207-780-4128.

Slim Wallet 

Flowfold Wallets
Once Chuck Friedman fashioned his grandfather a new wallet using scrap sailcloth he found on the job at Maine Sailing Partners in Freeport, he knew he was on to something. His company, Flowfold, launched in 2010, and by using high-tech racing sailcloth rather than traditional materials, Friedman has figured out a way to make an ultra-light wallet that your posture will thank you for. The company offers three types of wallets (billfolds, trifolds, and tarjeteros) that weigh around sixteen grams and are less than two credit cards thick. 207-200-8080.

Scenic Exercise
Yoga With a View
There’s nothing that soothes the mind quite like being along the Maine coast, floating on a lake, or taking in a scenic view from the top of a mountain. Except maybe yoga. One of the pleasures of a Maine summer is the ability to combine two of the world’s most energizing and relaxing experiences: being outdoors in Maine, and stretching your body through a downward dog pose. Yoga in the Park (207-664-9220, offers sessions at Sand Beach in Acadia as well at Blue Hill Overlook on Cadillac Mountain for a $10 suggested donation.