Bathroom 2013

A bathroom with a sense of place

Photo by Brian Vanden Brink /Carriage House Studio Architects

What better for a house on the Maine coast than a bathroom inspired by the colors of sea glass? The starting point for this bathroom was the Kohler ocean blue vessel sink, says Portland architect Carol J. De Tine, who executed the design as part of a larger home renovation.

The owner is a scientist and avid sea kayaker, whose home decorating aesthetic is influenced by her interest in the natural world.

“Mainers like their homes to reflect their surroundings,” observes De Tine. “It isn’t easy living in Maine. People come here because they want to be here. We have a particularly strong connection to what Maine is. It’s about the sea, the woods, the mountains, and the snow.”

In this case, it’s the sea that is evoked by those striking blue and green glass tiles; the off-white tiles on the lower part of the wall echo the colors of the beach. The mirror was custom made with shards of crockery, glassware, and dishes. The sea-glass fish sculpture and shell curtains are the finishing touches to a room that whimsically brings the outdoors in.

“People like to reflect their surroundings in their décor, especially in bathrooms. In other parts of the house, especially the main living spaces, they are afraid of things looking dated, but in the bathroom they like to have fun. They indulge their playful side.”
architect Carol J. De Tine