The Collector’s House

The Collector’s House

Heidi and Zach Beaudry’s Bangor Cape

The Collector’s House

Heidi and Zach Beaudry’s Bangor Cape

ABOVE: Heidi uses this bright nook in her office to take photos of her Etsy wares. She finds most of her goods at thrift stores, flea markets, antiques fairs, and yard sales.


Funky vintage finds enliven a Bangor Cape.

Heidi and Zach Beaudry’s Bangor Cape is like any other on their street: you wouldn’t give it a second glance. Inside, though, it’s a vibrant bazaar brimming with vintage housewares, accents, and kitsch. Many of the objects are in fact for sale through Heidi’s Etsy shop, This Attic Vintage, but she puts them to work until they find new owners. “The nice thing about selling online is I get to keep what I find until someone buys it,” says Heidi, who has a knack for deals and decorating. Her love of antiques took root in childhood — she grew up in an old sea-captain’s home in Searsport and often went to auctions with her parents. While her taste tips toward mid-century modern, she’s not bound to any era when it comes to décor. She and Zach, both in their mid-20s, balance their fondness for funky things with practicality.

Heidi and Zach Beaudry’s Kitchen


Teal and white walls complement Heidi’s vintage Pyrex collection in hues of turquoise, gold, and red. The Cathrineholm enamelware with lotus-petal design are prized possessions.

Heidi Beaudry’s office where she runs This Attic Vintage


Heidi’s office shelves are filled to capacity with toys, candleholders, ceramic mugs, salt and pepper shakers, and other goods sold through This Attic Vintage. Antique hardware, such as drawer pulls and towel bars, are bestsellers among her customers who live in Maine and other places that have a large number of historic houses.

Heidi and Zach Beaudry’s living room


Heidi’s penchant for blues and greens helps to unify a wall display where anything goes — sculpted wooden birds, cross-stitch pictures, landscape paintings, even a framed selection of Zach’s prized Pokémon cards. “I have a weakness for vintage art, specifically mountain and city paintings,” she says. The Lightolier brass chandelier is a 1970s design by Gaetano Sciolari, whose lighting fixtures are highly sought after by collectors.


This mid-century starburst clock is the one that almost got away: Months after Heidi and Zach missed an opportunity to buy it at an antiques fair, Heidi’s grandmother bought it and gave it to the couple for Christmas. It now hangs in their living room. As cleaners of foreclosed homes, Heidi’s parents find a lot of cool collectibles. One of their finds was this set of 1950s pink milk-glass crinoline dishes.

Heidi and Zach Beaudry in the den and office space of their Bangor Cape


Heidi’s second-floor office doubles as a den, which is furnished with two sofas and a pair of funky vintage chairs. It has an open floor plan, which the couple made by knocking out a wall. Heidi and Zach, pictured here with their dog, Daisy, welcomed their first child, a daughter, in March.

Zach Beaudry’s man cave


Zach has decorated his office with baseball and Pokémon paraphernalia — and he isn’t shy about color. “Hunt for little decorative touches at first, like pillows, lamps, or wall art,” Heidi advises those looking to introduce punchy colors to a room. “Sometimes the colors you love in little amounts can be overpowering when they surround you on all four walls.” As for Zach’s Pokémon collection, it’s not trivial: The couple raised a significant portion of the $20,000 they needed to buy a car by selling 150 cards.