Found Art

Found Art

Brighten your home (while practicing safe social distancing) with a playful arrangement of backyard blooms like the one Coco Martin, of Brunswick’s Coco Design Company, dreamed up. 



“My yard! After a long Maine winter, we are all eager to bring life back into our homes. On sunny mornings, I take a cup of coffee and peruse my yard for ‘volunteers.’ I often forage for greenery and branches to mix with beautiful blooms, found or bought — the odd bit of wilderness adds the right romantic touch.” — Coco Martin


  • Opaque vase
  • Leafy branches, such as rhododendron and privet hedge, in varying lengths
  • Bare, budded, and flowering branches/vines, such as clematis, dogwood, lilac, and pear, in varying lengths
  • Sturdy flowers, such as daffodils, grape hyacinths, and viburnums
  • Wispy/cascading flowers, such as foxtail ferns, fritillarias, tulips, and spireas


1. Put warm water in the vase, then layer in the leafy branches, varying the lengths to create an asymmetrical design. The greenery establishes a solid framework that will help contain the rest of the stems.

2. Place taller branches/ vines around the perimeter of the vase, leaving a gap in front. Add shorter branches in the same manner, angling them slightly down; place a few flowering ones in the center.

3. Fill in the center with sturdy flowers, clipped fairly short so they peek just above the vase’s rim. Finish with the wispy flowers, dispersing them evenly and allowing some to droop down for a bit of drama.