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Maine Restaurant, The Honey PawThe Honey Paw · 78 Middle St., Portland · 207-774-8538

The concept for new Portland eatery The Honey Paw is summed up in just three words: non-denominational noodle bar. It’s a shrine to the slurp-able, twirl-able, soul-soothing dishes you’ll find in every culture’s cuisine, from Japanese ramen to Italian bigoli. The globe-trotting menu is the latest offering from chef/owners Andrew Taylor, Mike Wiley, and Arlin Smith — the same team behind Portland’s beloved Eventide Oyster Co. and Hugo’s. “Noodles are celebrated all over the world,” says Taylor. “And we’re doing it all.”[separator type=”thick”]


Assorted Pickles

Expect a highly seasonal rotation,
from fiddleheads and mushrooms to ramps and rhubarb.

Bar Mix

Crab & Tofu Fritters

Even with a menu full of exotic ingredients, the Honey Paw sources locally:
The tofu in this dish is from Belfast’s Heiwa Soy Beanery.[separator type=”thick”]


Lobster Tartine

cilantro emulsion, radish, hijiki

Think upscale lobster toast: creamy lobster mousse spread
on fresh slices of Pullman loaf, topped with crunchy vegetables.

Wok-fried Collards

smoked hock, chili flake, onion ring[separator type=”thick”]

House-Made Noodles

Wok-fried Rice Noodles

mussels, squid, Chinese sausage, scallion

➾ These thick, chewy, handmade noodles — paired with rich meats
and garnished with bright sprigs of cilantro — are already a bestseller.

Saffron Gnocchi Sardi

duck Bolognese, eggplant-raisin agrodolce, Parmesan

Buckwheat Noodle

cured egg yolk, paddlefish roe, hazelnut

➾ The gem in this dish is the cured egg yolk: Salted for 48 hours until firm,
then cooked until hardened but still translucent and golden.

Mortadella Agnolotti

lardo, pistachio, squash, black olive

➾ Handmade pasta stuffed with pork sausage and sprinkled with luscious cubes
of cured pork fat. The phrase “comfort food” feels like an understatement.[separator type=”thick”]

Large Format (5 p.m. & Later)

➾ Expect entreés to shift with the season and limited-time specials, like a fried bevy of quail
alongside sticky rice and a brussels sprouts salad or hand pies stuffed with jerk lamb.

Smoked Pork Chop

apple jam, hash brown, charred scallion, cheese curd

Dolsot Bibimap

grilled scallop, bonito, mushroom, egg, gochuchang, kimchi

Fried Whole Lubina

pineapple fried rice, lap cheong, coconut salsa verde

➾ Don’t shy away from unfamiliar ingredients: “I encourage people to
order blindly, because everything’s delicious,” Taylor says.[separator type=”thick”]


Trio of Selected Pastries

Slice of Layer Cake

Soft-serve Ice Cream

caramelized honey, honeycomb, and Magic Shell, or flavor of the day

➾ The chefs devised a homemade version of the crunchy chocolate topping known as Magic Shell.
“The whole idea is to bring you back to childhood,” says Taylor.

Not a full menu

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