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McLoons Lobster Shack
Mike O’Leary

Lobster rolls anywhere, anytime.

[dropcap letter=”M”]cLoons Lobster Shack, on Spruce Head Island, recently started selling mail-order lobster rolls — and crab rolls, lobster and crab meat, and live lobsters — via Goldbely, an online shop for iconic regional fares (think Philly cheesesteaks or Texas brisket). Based on five months of sales, it seems a lot of us spent the off-season jonesing for coastal eats.

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Farthest, in miles, that an order has traveled, from Spruce Head to Hawaii.


Total pounds of lobster meat and live lobster shipped.


Approximate price of a mail-order lobster roll, depending on market value — about $5 more than at the shack.

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Single largest order of lobster rolls, sent to a buyer in Las Vegas.


Ratio of lobster-roll orders to crab-roll orders. No surprise there.

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