Route 1 Road Trip

Route 1 Road Trip

Heading north from Key West, Route 1 wends its way across 15 East Coast states — but we’re confident Maine has the best of it. Let’s hit the road.

5 Great Lighthouse Day Trips

Transform an ordinary lighthouse visit into an all-day coastal getaway. Start here, with five unique day trips perfect for a late-summer Saturday by the sea.

Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument

Finding Its Footing

Two years in, after a rocky start, Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument has found a clearer path forward — and so have the communities counting on it to drum up business.

Glow Babies

Glow Babies

Almost 60 years later, memories of a transformative summer, childhood hijinks, and smokes at the beach still smolder.

Camp Ellis

Sweet, Fleeting Season

In summer, Camp Ellis moves at its own carefree pace. But beneath the sultry calm, the beach enclave is waging a desperate battle with rising seas.