maine pottery
Teapots are among pottery’s most challenging forms, which is why only a few of Maine’s many potters include them in their repertoires.
Liza Gardner Wals's Fairy Houses
Liza Gardner Walsh uses a little magic to spark children’s imagination and love for the outdoors.
Rob Johnston Jr., founder of Johnny's Selected Seeds
Rooted in the counterculture of the 1970s, Johnny’s Selected Seeds is flourishing with the locavore movement.
Maine made wind chimes
These Maine-made wind bells are not your standard wind chimes. They echo the gong and bell buoys in the areas for which they’re named.
The first time I put on an Anchorpak, it felt different from any bag I’ve ever used. It felt right.
Kittery’s peppy pocket neighborhood has shops as eclectic as its chow.
Addie Peet rug
Peet is one of a handful of Maine designers making hand-painted floorcloths, common home accessories in the 18th and 19th centuries, until linoleum came along, and now enjoying renewed interest thanks to the maker movement and a growing awareness of indoor allergy triggers.
Bigfoot inventor Michael Thom, an architect from Belfast, boasts that Bigfoot has saved 5,001 marriages. Who are we to sling mud at his claim?
Let Augusta have its big-box stores — the shops along Hallowell’s historic Water Street are an expo of the curious, cozy, and hyper-local.
Working Like Dogs
With social and environmental responsibility as a compass, Planet Dog aims to lead the pack into a dog-friendlier world.
Brant & Cochran metalsmith Gabriel McNeill shapes an ax head for the company’s new line.
Bit by bit, South Portland’s Brant & Cochran is bringing back the Maine ax.