Under Our Skin
Even when they’re not on our bodies, ticks are getting into our heads. Will our burgeoning awareness of tick-borne illness alter our relationship to the Maine landscape?
lobster boat in Casco Bay
What can baby lobsters tell us about the future of Maine’s $1 billion fishery?
Wiscasset Traffic
Will the state’s latest plan for Wiscasset solve a traffic nightmare or ruin a town?
Maine adopted Kenyan runner Moninda Marube as a symbol of human trafficking’s invisible casualties. But a close look at his case raises hard questions — and illustrates the challenge of investigating and prosecuting trafficking crimes. Is this man a victim?
beech tree
The real story behind the simultaneous rise and fall of one of our state’s great tree species.
lobster claw
In a tug-of-war between lobstermen and regulators over catch reporting, Mainers didn’t get the deal they expected.
These four Maine senators seemed to have shared basic convictions.
A noted law professor argues it’s high time to overturn a controversial 1989 low-water mark in Maine judicial history.
Maine State Prison warden
In Maine’s maximum security lockup, warden Randall Liberty is offering inmates gardens, therapy, and a sense of purpose.
Checking in with Maine’s “serendipitous” media mogul, Reade Brower.
Frank J. Wood Bridge
When is a local landmark worth saving? In Brunswick and Topsham, the fate of the adored but dilapidated Green Bridge has residents at loggerheads.