Modern flair and traditional methods meet in Biddeford to create a flavor bonanza.
The Mountain Room, Newry
At Sunday River, chef Harding Lee Smith takes tried-and-true comfort food to new heights.
Ada’s Kitchen
At Rockland’s new Italian restaurant, twirling is for spaghetti and for dancing.
In Bangor, a creative newcomer finds its footing next door to some estimable culinary neighbors.
Hand pies are a house specialty: inside that flaky pie crust are braised beef, caramelized onions, roasted peppers, and provolone cheese
A pair of first-time restaurateurs reinvents an airport snack bar as a dining destination for travelers and locals alike.
Drifters Wife - Black bass with chickpeas, squid, and yogurt
Once a tiny restaurant crammed inside a wine shop, this creative East Bayside bistro now has bigger digs and a more elaborate menu to match.
Maine Dining Taverna Khione
Three years after exiting his first Brunswick restaurant, chef Marc Provencher and his Greek gastronomy are back in town.
Pig out: pastry chef Ilma Lopez's Spanish sundae, with chocolate cake, caramel, and smoky serrano ham ice cream.
The culinary duo behind Piccolo, Portland’s much-loved Italian restaurant, dives into Spanish and French fare at their new West End bistro.
Riverside Lodge & Sauna
Saunas and pizzas are, each in their own way, all about comfort. On a cold night in western Maine, there’s no place more comfortable than here.