Out of Saison

In Saison

New England Distilling releases bottles of Rack IV Saison whiskey on April 6, Saison Day, an Allagash-spearheaded national celebration of the beer style.

Rack IV Saison, New England Sour recipe

New England Sour

New England Distilling founder Ned Wight takes a classic cocktail recipe — the New York Sour — and subs in Saison whiskey for the classic rye, to create yeasty, floral notes.

Mossy Ledge Spirits

Still Life

The still maker has become the distiller: Jesse Lupo’s new booze line includes cinnamon, toasted coconut, and sweet tea cordials.

Belly Warmer

Serious chocoholics know the difference between hot cocoa and hot chocolate. This is the real deal.

Maine-brewed Beer

Funk Tradition

Three Maine breweries are doing what, a mere decade ago, conventional brewers’ wisdom said was impossible: making spontaneously fermented beer outside the climes of Belgium’s Senne River Valley.


A Whole Other Kettle

Maine’s whirligig beer scene left D.L. Geary Brewing Company behind. Now, New England’s oldest craft brewery is under new ownership, releasing new beers, and taking a new approach to brewing. Can it attract new drinkers?