Inside Port Fiber Studio

Attention weavers, spinners, felters, dyers and knitters! Take a look inside PortFiber, a fiber arts shop in Portland.

Created by Sam Brosnan

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  • David Spector

    Thank you for such a nice summary of PortFiber. I live in Portland and have visited the place. It really is impressive, with all those beautiful colors and types of fiber, and knitting needles, spinning wheels, and looms of various sizes. It also has a great community bulletin board, fiber arts classes, and the friendliest staff.

  • Mollie Heron

    I really enjoyed the video about PortFiber and also the pictures of the glory of the Northern part of Maine. I have to head south to KY for the winter soon, so I’ll miss the height of the foliage in mid-coast ME.

    • Happy to hear it, Mollie! Thanks for the feedback!