CLYNK-Hannaford Recycling Challenge



A unique way for teachers to engage with their students’ parents alongside their children

“Our winnings for both Pond Cove and Cape Middle School went towards Outdoor Programming. Our kids begin fundraising through CLYNK starting in Kindergarten, ultimately trying to raise $12,000 by the time they get to 6th grade, when they go away to Chewonki. It also helps support the 5th graders' trip to Boston for the Freedom Trail.” — Sheri Bragg, Mom

[dropcap letter=”F”]or the seventh consecutive year, CLYNK bottle redemption and Hannaford Supermarkets are facilitating a statewide initiative encouraging children and communities to team up with their schools in the “CLYNK for Schools Recycling Challenge, Jan. 29–March 26, 2018.”

While CLYNK supports schools in year-round fundraising efforts, during the annual Recycling Challenge schools are in”cent”ivized to recycle even more! Hannaford will match every dollar raised with a .50c bonus, and schools are entered to compete for CLYNK’s additional cash prizes, too. Last year, $44,000 was raised for school programs, and winners raised an average of $1,500 per school!

CLYNK recycling stations are available at all Hannaford locales, which makes participation a breeze. Since every school in Maine within a 25-mi radius of Hannaford Supermarkets is already registered to participate, once administrators activate their school’s account, fundraising can begin! Families can get involved too by linking their personal CLYNK accounts to the Recycling Challenge, supporting their kids and their community.

CLYNK-Hannaford Recycling Challenge

“ I am happy to say we used our money to go to Detroit to complete a Junior Journey for all our juniors. Our juniors helped with issues in Detroit and interviewed people around resiliency. They put together a film with those interviews.” — Leslie Appelbaum, English teacher at Casco Bay HS

[dropcap letter=”T”]he CLYNK Recycling Challenge is a unique way for teachers to engage with their students’ parents alongside their children. The PTO and Green Team initiatives at many schools have found that the Challenge is a tremendous crossroads for classroom curriculum benchmarks to get tied into a community goal. When a child learns responsibility in one area, they see how they can contribute in others. For principals and leadership, the PR associated with the Challenge offers opportunity for schools to earn recognition as leaders in community development.

Plus, when kids get the recycling bug, the whole family follows. All of a sudden, no scrap of paper is off limits—it could end up at the bottom of a recycling bin at a moment’s notice. It’s exciting when a child learns how to contribute to their household, and something as common as a bottle drive becomes an opportunity for multiple generations of to collaborate on child success. Once neighbors get involved, and communities band together to incentivize change, recycling becomes more than a chore. It’s an achievable way for children to demonstrate an appreciation for their school and their larger world – their responsibility to school, teachers and classmates increases naturally.

When the bottles are in and the cans have been tallied the students, teachers and parents will have created “change” they can believe in!

CLYNK offers tours, educational presentations, recycling games and Green Team start-up materials for K-12 schools interested in learning more about dual stream recycling. Schools can email for more information.


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