Down East‘s 6th Annual Cutest Pets Photo Contest Winners

Down East Cutest Pets Photo Contest

Thank you to all the proud pet owners who nominated pets for the contest and to our contest sponsor, Sea Bags. Thousands of photos were submitted from all over the country. A portion of the proceeds went to support Midcoast Humane, a nonprofit organization operating one of the largest animal shelters in the state of Maine, with facilities in Brunswick and Edgecomb that provide care and second chances to some 3,500 animals every year.


NAMES: Murphy and Milo
AGE: 3 Years Old and 1 Year Old
FROM: Orr’s Island, Maine

Murphy and Milo are two very energetic, adorable rescue pups that love to be outside. They enjoy hiking and camping, and spend most days at their favorite beach on Bailey Island.



NAME: Winslow
AGE: 1 Year Old
FROM: Bath, Maine

Winslow is a ragdoll from Skowhegan, so he’s a true Mainer. He’s very photogenic, and equally as handsome as he is sweet. Every day, I make it my mission to contribute something positive to social media that will bring smiles to people. I like to believe that Winslow knows he is spreading kindness and smiles.



NAME: Otis
AGE: 3 Years Old
FROM: York, South Carolina

Otis hails from Bath, but recently moved to South Carolina. You can follow his journey on Instagram: @themainebuns. He is 2.2 pounds of ferocious fluff and has a wee bit of a Napoleon complex. He is a husbun to his lovely lady, Lola. They are free-roaming bunnies and are litter-box trained. Otis loves strawberries and playing outside.

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