Oyster Bed?

Oyster River Joinery

Photograph by Emma Sampson.

Paul Sampson’s first oyster platter was born of necessity. The woodworker used to cradle the oysters he served at skeet-shooting and yard-work parties in the ridges and troughs on his tailgate, but his new truck didn’t have them. Heading out from his woodshop at the end of a workday, he hurriedly carved a dozen wells into a scrap of wood and brought it to that evening’s gathering. His friends loved the platter (and the oysters) so much they wanted their own. The platters that Sampson turns out today are a far cry from that first rough, last-minute plank: made of polished cherry, mahogany, walnut, or birch, they’re elegant enough to display when not in use. From $118. Oyster River Joinery.  Also available at shop.downeast.com

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