Maine News You May Have Missed

This dog is not a bear. Plus, why is this Maine officer driving around in a cruiser with Massachusetts plates?


A rare report of a bear sighting put islanders on high alert, in what turned out to be a case of mistaken identity: the supposed bear was Sugar, a shaggy brown dog who’d gotten loose.


Local police had to patrol in a loaner cruiser with Massachusetts plates because delivery of a new car they had ordered was delayed. No word on whether they tailgated residents, drove too fast, or changed lanes without signaling.


The National Park Service is implementing a trial run this month of a timed-entry plan, aiming to limit congestion on Ocean Drive and Cadillac Mountain by requiring advance reservations for vehicles.


The world’s largest airplane, the Antonov AN-225 Mriya, built in 1988 to transport the Soviet space shuttle, landed at Bangor International Airport. The reason for the 276-foot-long, six-engine cargo jet’s arrival is unknown.


A man sawed his neighbors’ garage in half with an electric handsaw. Based on a recent survey, the garage overhung his side of the property line.


Studio JBone sculptor Jay Sawyer announced plans for a Rockland Harbor memorial to commemorate Maine Maritime Academy graduates who died when the cargo ship El Faro sank five years ago this month. Sawyer is also a graduate of the school.