Bestselling Author Susan Minot Debuts Original Play On Island at Waterman's Community Center on North Haven Island.

Susan Minot, a critically acclaimed novelist, short-story writer, poet, screenwriter and playwright, whose novel Evening was a worldwide bestseller and became a major motion picture starring Meryl Streep and Claire Danes, returns to the stage this summer with an original play, commissioned and presented by Waterman’s Community Center on North Haven.

On Island is set on a typical summer day in August, and, according to a recent press release, “it sweeps the audience into an intricately worked collage of what life is like for people on an island, both year-round and summer. It’s a story about a working boat yard, summer picnics, families, friends, loves lost and love found. With the evocative and delicate nuance that Minot’s writing is known for, she captures the people and places close to her heart, along with the complexities of an island she considers home. On Island delivers the same poetic depiction of North Haven that Our Town does for Grover’s Corners.”

On Island PosterThe release goes on to say that, music for the performance includes existing songs by musicians Elvis Perkins and David Saw, and North Haven natives the Toughcats and Courtney Naliboff. Lily Thorne, a director, playwright and summer resident of North Haven, will direct On Island, working closely with Minot. Thorne previously directed a sold-out performance of Minot’s Summer. North Haven resident musician Bill Trevaskis will reprise his role for Summer as music and sound director for On Island, as will artist David Wilson for set and visual design.

On Island premieres at Waterman’s theater on Thursday, August 2 and will run through Sunday, August 5. For the full schedule visit watermans.org. Tickets may be purchased here.

Jeff Howland

Jeff Howland is the digital director at Down East.