Coming Home

Coming Home

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I woke up at OH’DARK:45 a.m. this morning to head down to the coast. There were some clouds moving in that promised a nice sunrise, so I decided on Portland Headlight as my spot. Everything looked like it was going to set up for some fire in the sky, but the sun never really lit up the clouds. While I was wallowing in my disappointment of having woken up so early for essentially a dud, I noticed a trawler coming in with the sun directly behind it. It was moving pretty fast, so I quickly changed out my camera and lens and went to a telephoto. Ah, but the boat was not aligned with the sun by the time I made the switch…DANG! So, I picked up my tripod and camera, left my backpack, and started running down the gravel path at PHL. I stopped and had just enough time to snap one picture. It wasn’t framed right. DANG again! I picked up my tripod and camera again and ran further, this time far enough to give me enough time to set up and frame the shot. I had one chance. BINGO!

I was a sweaty mess after it was all

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