Modern in the Middle

Photograph by Rachel Sieben

When expanding their farmhouse on West Penobscot Bay in Owls Head, Susan Deutsch and Carlisle Towery started down a well-trodden architectural path: uniting existing structures — in this case, a 19th-century main house and detached guesthouse — with a new addition. But rather than imitate the style of the originals, in traditional New England connected-farmhouse fashion, Rockport architect John Priestley convinced the couple to build a “stylistically dissimilar” wing to establish a clean connection, unencumbered by variously sloping rooflines. The resulting cedar-clad, minimalist box houses a kitchen, dining room, gallery, office, and master bedroom suite. Factor in the living spaces and bedrooms in the older sections and the reimagined home provides plenty of room for the retired couple, their blended family, guests, and voluminous art collection.

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