Living Room 2013

How one Castine resident designed the most difficult room in the house

Photo by Darren Setlow

Why does this room work? “The bow-shaped roof was all my idea. I thought it was marvelous looking. With the angle of it, it also allows snow to fall off easier,” says Carol Bonini, owner of this Castine home.

“I changed the flooring for the kitchen because tile floors are better for in-floor heat. And I spend most of my time in the kitchen.”


The single chair creates for a spot to have quieter moments by ones self to watch turkeys, deer, and eagles roam near the Bagaduce River.

“The quilts were purchased at an Amish auction. They had all been used before, and I put them up because I didn’t want to just stare at big white walls”


This cabinet from Barbados was outfitted for compartments to hide the stereo and all its components.


With such an open floor plan, this table helped create a prominent spot to display the family’s sculptures.

The ship is a model of the U.S.S. Constitution, the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world.


Created from granite by a local stonemason, the fireplace adds a focal point to the room, and helps separate the open space between the living room, kitchen, and loft bedroom.