5 Items to Snap Up at a Vintage Shop

Portland Flea-for-All
Photographed by Erin Little.

The secret to distinctive decor is knowing how to pull off a hodgepodge, says Erin Kiley of Portland Flea-for-All. Click below to learn which items are currently flying off the floor at the Flea and how you can use them to create your own enviable, eclectic schemes.

We’ve all been awed by them — those talented homeowners who somehow manage to turn a tangle of styles, eras, and shades into a whole greater than the sum of its parts. How do they do it? Erin Kiley, co-owner of the Portland Flea-for-All, a second-hand shop with a cultish following among designers and design-savvy homeowners, may be uniquely qualified to tell us. Sprawling and filled to distraction, the Flea is like the collective attic of your eccentric grandma and her highball-drinking friends. Here, some 50 vendors sell vintage furniture, art, and home goods in all varieties of too old to give a damn. Nothing quite matches, which is precisely the point.

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