[dropcap letter=”T”]he discussions that eventually led us to this month’s Down East redesign were initiated at an editorial staff clambake at editor in chief Kathleen Fleury’s house in September 2014. Yep, it took us 3½ years to decide we’d gotten it right. Just to put that into perspective, a few flashback details from September 2014:

Apple unveiled the Apple Watch, a smart wristwatch that can tell time, monitor the wearer’s heart rate, and probably take photos somehow? We’re still not totally sure.

Oliur Rahman | Pexels

“Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift debuted at number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, and it is somehow still stuck in our heads.

Taylor Swift

Wealthy tower-dweller and TV personality Donald Trump wondered on Twitter, “If I run for PRESIDENT, will the haters and losers vote for me, knowing that I will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN?”

A Down East feature story suggested that Searsmont was “The Friendliest Village in Maine” — touching off a period of icy relations with Friendship, 20 miles south.