Check, Please

ADA Rockland

Photograph by Michael D. Wilson

What did it take to put together this month’s interview feature, “My Dinner with Kerry,” about the success of Cafe Miranda, the allure of kitchen life, and the changing face of Rockland? We ran the numbers.


Tab run up at Ada’s Kitchen, in Rockland, by chefs Kerry Altiero and Malcolm Bedell during a three-hour dinner chat.


Word count of the transcript of Altiero and Bedell’s interviews, prepared by our heroic intern, Lindsey Moran


Approximate number of hours that Moran sunk into the transcription.


Number of college credits that the graduating UMaine senior (journalism/poli-sci double major) earned during that time.


For comparison’s sake, word count of Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea.


Number of F-bombs that the two very, er, candid chefs dropped into their conversation. / Number that made it into the final piece after editing.

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