Spencer’s Ice Cream
A passing of the cone at Spencer’s Ice Cream in Bradley
Eaux restaurant Portland, Maine
In Portland, a New Orleans native cooks up his hometown’s oh-so-good comfort food.
Modernist Pantry
A Maine company helps democratize avant-garde cooking.
C. Love's Lebanese butter cookies
Katherine Slevin sells her sweet, buttery lineup online — for pick-up or delivery — and at a handful of Portland markets and coffee shops.
It’s a Hot One
One summer, WABI-TV meteorologist Todd Simcox had tomatoes growing like gangbusters in his garden. He made pasta sauce, but it tasted terrible. He tried salsa, and friends and family loved it.
Jenn Legnini, of nearby Turtle Rock Farm
An organic food processor gives local farmers a boost — and gets one in return.
Stir It Up
Six culinary adventures for home cooks and aspiring chefs.
Sam Sifton's mussel salad
On a woodstove in an off-the-grid island cabin, guest editor Sam Sifton prepares rustic, unhurried meals that feel close to the land and sea — and a world away from the scuttle of onshore life.