Will Grunewald

Will Grunewald

Will Grunewald is a senior editor at Down East magazine.

It’s a Hot One

It’s a Hot One

One summer, WABI-TV meteorologist Todd Simcox had tomatoes growing like gangbusters in his garden. He made pasta sauce, but it tasted terrible. He tried salsa, and friends and family loved it.

Out of Saison

In Saison

New England Distilling releases bottles of Rack IV Saison whiskey on April 6, Saison Day, an Allagash-spearheaded national celebration of the beer style.

Rack IV Saison, New England Sour recipe

New England Sour

New England Distilling founder Ned Wight takes a classic cocktail recipe — the New York Sour — and subs in Saison whiskey for the classic rye, to create yeasty, floral notes.

Sea Party

Sea Party

The earthiness of sea lettuce and sweetness of honeybush give Emerald Honeybush tea a honey–truffle character, Cup of Sea owner Josh Rogers says.

Pat Gallant-Charette

Oceans 7

Frigid waters, jellyfish hordes, riptides, and things that go bump in the night — nothing has stopped sexagenarian Westbrook aqua-woman Pat Gallant-Charette on her quest to beat marathon swimming’s globe-spanning challenge.

Baharat's Middle Eastern food

Going All-In

Baharat is dishing up heaps of Middle Eastern cuisine staples in Portland.

Vichyssoise, made with leek, shallot, and potato

Bisquey Move

One of Maine’s most accomplished chefs ditched his knife set for a camera and wound up creating a visual feast of a book about soups.