The Baby Catchers: Ellie Daniels and Donna Broderick

Health Services

By Kathleen Fleury
Photographed by Lily Pie

With 162,807 jobs, Education and Health Services support more than one-third of all occupations in the state. On the healthcare side, practitioners such as doctors, dentists, veterinarians, and nurses account for 20 percent of the total. Teachers make up the biggest share of this industry, about 25 percent of its occupations.

On a mid-December morning, Iyla comes to downtown Belfast for her annual health exam. She spends an hour talking to Ellie Daniels, a certified professional midwife, about her overall health — plus she catches Daniels up about the details of her life. Daniels has been there since the beginning of it. Literally. She delivered Iyla twenty-eight years ago in her family’s home in Warren.

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