Ranked-choice Voting Is…

A way to open up the electoral process? A panacea for Maine’s election ills? A shell game? Rob Sneddon explores Maine’s likely next ballot initiative.


Bear Referendum 2014

Passions are high, motivations tangled, and bedfellows strange. Oh, and did we mention this already happened 10 years ago?


A Chat with Olympia Snowe

The former Maine senator speaks about gridlock and hyperpartisanship on Capitol Hill — and what we can do to shape a more productive government.

Party Poopers

Are Maine voters declaring their independence? By Edgar Allen Beem One of former Governor Angus King’s favorite punch lines as he campaigns as an…

Kids Behind Bars

Maine’s youth correctional system has gone from abysmal to awe-inspiring. By Jeff Clark “Barbaric.” “Medieval.” “The Dark Ages.” Those are the words people use…

Chaos at the Caucuses

Has the time come for Mainers to rethink the way they nominate the president? BY: COLIN WOODARD Maine and New Hampshire are similar in…