Easy Does It

Our ongoing search for pissah fashion led us to Marcia Heath, writer, pianist, and rowing buff from Waldo.

Maine Style
Photograph by Arielle Greenberg
By Arielle Greenberg

Continental divide: Time I spent in Europe during college had a huge influence on me. To blend in, I aimed for the tweedy flavor of Scotland, the chic simplicity of Paris. A French woman can change her whole outfit with a simple but fine scarf or pair of shoes.

Tactiles: Since childhood, I’ve loved a nubby texture: linen, faux fur, a fuzzy sweater.

Mood: I’ve loved coming back to Maine [after living in New York and Florida], because things can be weather-ready and comfortable, but without the pressure to look perfect every day. I don’t overthink my outfits. I go by the mood of the day, adding something that gives a vibe of difference. I have royal-blue wedge heel boots, and when I’m feeling down, I put those on and it’s like a new day.

Whiteout: I’m drawn to all colors and look at everything open-heartedly. When I go into people’s houses, I often change their color schemes in my mind. But the crispness of white is a go-to.

Influencers: Amelia Earhart is a fashion idol of mine. She knew what looked good on her and found a practical but distinctive style and stuck with it.

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