Julia at Rest

Julia Child, March 2010 Issue

A cabin on Mount Desert Island served as Julia Child’s home away from home.

By Kathleen Fleury

Julia Child[W]hen Julia McWilliams first came to Maine one summer after World War II it was to meet the family of her then boy­friend Paul Child.

The Childs resided in a partially constructed rustic cabin on the quiet side of Mount Desert Island. There was no indoor plumbing. No elec­tricity. Only the most rudimentary of kitchens. But that didn’t bother Pasadena native Julia McWilliams — because Julia McWilliams barely knew how to fry an egg.

On that trip to Maine, the woman who was to become the most famous cook of her time didn’t learn to use a whisk — but she did learn to wield a hammer and saw.

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Photographs courtesy Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University/Paul Child.

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Kathleen Fleury

Kathleen Fleury is the Editor in Chief of Down East Magazine.