Maine Wellness

Ramble On

An aimless walk in the woods is surprisingly good for you, as forest bathing guides like Jeff Brogan can attest.

Meditation Retreat


Silence is a hot commodity in wellness right now, but Patricia Brown and Surya-Chandra Das have been mindfully piping down since well before it was cool.

Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga

Yoga enthusiasts are hoofing it to a Westbrook farm to practice alongside some small, furry gurus.

Ax Throwing

What’s more therapeutic than hurling a razor-sharp ax? Not much, so long as you’re careful.

Goat Yoga

Maine Winter Wellness

Forest bathing, goat yoga, ax throwing? Maine is surprisingly en vogue when it comes to self-care. We dispatched a team of writers to spas, retreats, forest preserves, and more, with a mandate to meliorate their minds, bodies, and souls. Here’s what they found.

Top Doctors 2015

We asked Maine physicians this question: If you or a family member had a problem in the following areas, whom would you select as the best specialist in Maine? The votes are tallied and we present the peer-selected winners.