5 Great Lighthouse Day Trips

Transform an ordinary lighthouse visit into an all-day coastal getaway. Start here, with five unique day trips perfect for a late-summer Saturday by the sea.

Home Depot

In the 1970s, an 1887 York Village train station was converted into a three-bedroom house. After a few more renovations, the Albrights are happy to call the depot home.

Avena Botanicals

Avena Botanicals

While it’s easy to understand how an elderflower creme made with coconut oil, rosewater, and beeswax might moisturize skin the proclaimed benefits of other Avena Botanicals products are less intuitive.

Seafolk Coffee toasts

Toasts of the Town

Six months ago, Seafolk Coffee opened in Rockport without a sign, website, or phone, but from day one, they were packed.

Moby and Me

Moby and Me

We chose Northport because of Jerry. His stories took us back to a time we could only imagine.