Maine’s Largest Independent Home and Community Health-Care Organization Has a New Name

Now known as Andwell Health Partners, Androscoggin Home Healthcare and Hospice maintains its long-standing commitment to serving patients.

Andwell Health Partners aid helping an elderly gentleman make popcorn
Photo by Rene Roy

When Androscoggin Home Healthcare and Hospice launched in 1966, its sole focus was home health care in Androscoggin County and surrounding communities. In the decades since, the nonprofit organization’s reach has expanded into all of the state’s 16 counties with services that include in-home hospice care, a long-term-care program, Maine’s first inpatient hospice facility, and most recently, behavioral and community health, mobile wound care, in-home caregiving, private-duty nursing, and maternal and child health programs.

Now, the organization is changing its name to one that captures its growing role across the state: Andwell Health Partners. “We realized our name no longer accurately reflects who we are, where we’re going, and who we serve,” says Debra Fournier, Andwell board chair. “We’re now the largest independent nonprofit, home and community-based health-care organization in Maine.”

The first part of the name, Andwell, was conceived as an amalgam of the company’s history, mission, and services: “And” honors the organization’s Androscoggin County roots, “well” celebrates the focus on health and wellness, and “dwell” highlights the delivery of in-home care. The second part of the name, Health Partners, represents the organization’s aim to be a trusted partner to its patients and clients, with a focus on wellness, not illness, as well as a partner to other health-care groups that refer to and depend on Andwell. “We collaborate with hospitals, health systems, and other health-care organizations,” Andwell president and CEO Ken Albert says. “We’re proud they choose us time and again as their preferred partner for home and community-based health care. We take this trust and responsibility seriously.”

Looking ahead, Andwell Health Partners wants to be New England’s leader in providing innovative, patient-centered care, continuing a tradition of adapting to a constantly changing health-care environment and patients’ changing needs. “Our name may have changed, but our heart hasn’t,” Albert says. “We are still the same great people, and we are still committed to enhancing quality of life by providing innovative and compassionate health care for all. We want to serve as your partner in health for life.”

To learn more about Andwell Health Partners, visit 15 Strawberry Ave., Lewiston. 207-777-7740.