4 Maine Photos to Take You Back to the Weekend

Our readers continue to share with us, great images from their views of Maine. Here are four that will help your mind pretend it’s still the weekend.


Foggy Bottom Coast

Photographed by Cora Miller

“Fog along the Maine coast can roll in so quickly that a seemingly sunny day is suddenly shrouded in misting cloudy cover, blanketing coast and sea. Echoes of fog horns in rhythmic warning, caution mariners in distance ships, as ebb tide waves caress the rocky shoreline with an airy hush over the land.”

Feel The Calm

Photographed by “lawdoc”

“Pretty reflective water near Deer Isle was too good to pass up.”

Spring Reflections

Photographed by Susan Garver

“This is a beautiful spot along the coast on Sargent’s Drive in Northeast Harbor, Maine.”


Photographed by “Katinme”

“Pine Point boats on a windy Spring day.”

Keep sharing your best Maine shots with us here.

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