Maine News You May Have Missed

Cattle treading an unwise escape route. Plus, what happens if this Maine high schooler misses the ferry.

Swan’s Island

MDI High School senior Sage Dentremont swam 6 miles from Swan’s Island to Bass Harbor, inspired by tourists who asked what happens if she misses the ferry on a school day. Her feat raised $10,000 in donations toward swim lessons for island kids.

Fort Kent

A man swiped a $60,000 pickup truck from a local dealer. A state trooper later found him pulled over on the side of I-95. The truck had run out of gas.


Experimental soul songstress Emily Ritz squirmed on scarps and writhed in rockweed for a music video shot by actress and frequent Monhegan summer visitor Taylor Schilling, of Orange Is the New Black fame. 


Several cattle got loose from a local farm and were recovered on the fourth hole at Roy’s All Steak Hamburgers and Golf Center.


A landslide blocked the flow of the Presumpscot River, prompting Westbrook’s mayor to declare a state of emergency, until it became clear that drought conditions, upstream dams, and the trickling of some water through the blockage would prevent flooding.


Members of the Marine Mammals of Maine recovered the carcass of a 22-foot, several-ton minke whale, a non-endangered species, in Saco Bay. The group conducted a necropsy at Benson Farm Earth Products, where the whale was then turned into fertilizer.