Maine News You May Have Missed

Maine elects its first Black Speaker of the House, Bangor High School offers a new Mi’kmaw language course, and more.


The House of Representatives elected its first Black speaker, Democrat Rachel Talbot Ross. Her father, Gerald Talbot, was elected Maine’s first Black legislator in 1972.


The Oxford Casino and Hotel donated $5,000 to help relocate and restore the 1857 Pigeon Hill Schoolhouse, the town’s last surviving schoolhouse, after the land it was on changed hands.


A belt buckle made by artist Alexander Calder, valued at $10,000, which went missing after its owner’s death, turned up at a NewYork auction house. The owner’s former gardener was charged with theft.


After 18 months of construction, the $18 million, 32,000-square-foot Paul J. Schupf Art Center, a joint project of Colby College and the nonprofit Waterville Creates, opened downtown.

New Sweden

At 24, Lukas Lagasse became the youngest president of the New Sweden Historical Society, which protects and celebrates Aroostook County’s Swedish heritage.


John Dennis, a member of the Mi’kmaq Nation and a language-preservation advocate, will co-teach a new elective Mi’kmaw language course at Bangor High School.