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Where in Maine Nov 2017

Photographed by Mark Fleming

Where in Maine?
November 2017

Each month, Down East editors select our favorite response to “Where in Maine?” Here is our favorite letter from November.

That view is of upper Main Street in Belfast, a town where my family has lived for a century. Diagonally downhill, at 27 Main, was Palmer’s Stationery, which my father operated in the ’60s and ’70s, and all five of us children took our turns working there. At 6:30 a.m., I’d accompany Dad as he opened the store for the day. I walked up the hill to the post office and collected the Portland Press Herald to deliver to several downtown businesses, and I’d pass that building at the corner of Main and Beaver Streets, on Post Office Square. In those days, the old bank was Dinsmore’s Shoe Store. Later, it was a restaurant appropriately named the Gothic, reflecting the style of the building, with its arched windows and iron grillwork.

Joanne Desjardins
Swanville, Maine

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