Maine Dispatches

Maine Dispatches March 2019
Maine Dispatches March 2019
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Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine


National media flipped out over a massive, rotating disc of ice that formed at a bend in the Presumpscot River, a strange phenomenon caused by cold temperatures and rotational forces. Gawkers estimated the disc’s diameter at 300 feet.


A collision between a fuel tanker and an SUV on Route 27 caused the tanker to explode. So hot were flames that siding on the post office 50 feet away melted. The drivers escaped with only minor injuries.


Soon-to-retire schools superintendent Bill Webster announced a snow day via music video on YouTube, playing piano, guitar, ukulele, and accordion before singing, “Curse me or praise me, there’s no school todayyyy!”

Fort Kent

Local musician Roger Damboise compiled a songbook, in French, of Acadian folk songs for the ukulele that date as far back as the 17th century. The book isn’t for sale — interested parties need only contact Damboise for a free copy.


Governor Janet Mills decided to remove the “Open for Business” sign that former Governor Paul LePage had installed on northbound I-95. Mills ordered a replacement that reads “Welcome Home.”


Police dogs received winter boots to protect their paws from salt. Video of the dogs staggering goofily around as they got used to their new gear generated headlines around the country.