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A Life Made in Art: Maud Briggs Knowlton
July 1–September 30, 2019

This summer the Monhegan Museum will celebrate the art and life of Maud Briggs Knowlton, one of the first women to direct a major American art museum and one of the few women to paint on Monhegan in the late 1890s. In addition to being an accomplished artist of the Arts and Crafts era, Knowlton was the first director of what is now the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, New Hampshire. The first major retrospective of Knowlton’s work, this exhibition will include watercolors, oils, etchings, drawings, and painted porcelain from Knowlton’s time on Monhegan Island and in New Hampshire. Also on display will be turn-of-the-century photographs, cyanotypes, and glass negatives by her husband, Edward, that capture life as it existed on Monhegan when they first arrived on its shores in the 1890s. The exhibition is co-organized with the Currier Museum of Art and will travel there in 2020.


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About the Museum

The Monhegan Museum of Art & History is located in the historic Monhegan Island Light Station, 12 nautical miles off the coast of Maine. The museum is a member of the Maine Art Museum Trail and was created to steward and showcase art and artifacts that represent the collective values of its community and educate and communicate its meaning. The Monhegan Lighthouse Keeper’s House contains exhibits of Monhegan’s history. The Assistant Keeper’s House has an art gallery that displays annual art exhibitions featuring the museum’s art collection, which spans more than 150 years. Additionally, the Rockwell Kent/James Fitzgerald Historic Artists’ Home and Studio, a member site of the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Historic Artists’ Home and Studio Program, displays a collection of works by Fitzgerald. The museum is open daily from June 24 through September 30, during which time the Kent/Fitzgerald Home and Studio are open two days a week and by appointment.

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