Maine with a Scandinavian Accent

Maine with a Scandinavian Accent

Photograph Chris Siefken

Maine with a Scandinavian AccentTwo places are at the heart of Solvejg Makaretz’s playful designs, which she prints onto everything from serving trays to silk scarves: Sweden, where she grew up, shapes her clean, minimalist aesthetic, and coastal Maine, where she lives now, serves up the imagery. Working in Yarmouth as Tröskö Design, Makaretz draws navy-blue fish flying over curling red waves, blue spruces tumbling end over end, and happy white whales parading nose to tail. This tea towel sports her most popular pattern, a collage of Maine icons, including lighthouses, chickadees, lobsters, and lupines. “It’s my love letter to Maine,” she says.

$19.50. Tröskö Design. 207-838-9438.

Virginia M. Wright

Virginia M. Wright is the senior editor at Down East.