Confidently Natty

Peaks Islander and Episcopal lay minister Thurl Headen feeds his spirit through fashion.

Confidently Natty
Photograph By Arielle Greenberg
By Arielle Greenberg

Influences: My parents were well put together every time they left the house. I polished my father’s shoes for his job at the factory.

Turning point: I started with kilts after a friend told me about wearing sarongs on his trip to the South Seas. I found directions on how to make one, borrowed my landlady’s sewing machine, wore what I made to the symphony, and haven’t looked back.

Simplicity: I’ve always pushed the envelope, but I like clean, elegant aesthetics. I don’t need my clothes to compete with my own flamboyance.

Exploration: My husband, Jim, and I visited Maine together when we were first dating and fell in love with it. Moving here [from Chicago] was an opportunity to explore. I have a vision for a menswear company: I made this sweater, scarf, and hat, mostly with Maine wool.

Grace: People are graceful, beautiful beings, but we get mired in what we should be instead of what makes us vibrate in the universe. I dress to feed the soul; I want to help others have pride in who they are too.

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