Campus Couture

Campus Couture

Campus Couture

Scouting the state for wicked individual fashion, we found student Camden Hunt at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor.

By Arielle Greenberg

Anachronism: Once I was old enough to drive, I sought out thrift and consignment shops. My favorite decades are the ’60s and the ’80s, because I love color, texture, and angular shapes. A recent treasure is a pair of Ocean Pacific swim trunks that I found in the “free box” at school. I care about history — and besides, fast-fashion is a hot mess.

Patterns: I mix tie-dye, fish and tropical motifs, skulls, stripes. I wear turtlenecks because they’re practical for Maine (though not in Virginia, where I’m from) and an easy way to pair color with prints.

Accessorizing: I like to reclaim and subvert iconic accessories like whistle necklaces, neon suspenders, dog collars, bright watches, friendship bracelets, and bandanas. For bolo ties, I like Sweet Tea Salvage, an Etsy shop that makes them from vintage brooches. In Bar Harbor, I like the consignment shop Serendipity.

Signature styles: Maine fuels my overall outdoorsy, campy vibe. My two primary looks can be described as “dumb teenager in a summer camp slasher movie” and “6-year-old going to an aquarium.” A friend once told me, “Your outfits are a confusing part of a greater narrative.”

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