November 2005


My Own Private Antiques Road Show

It took an off-season expedition through the shops of southern Maine to give me the dreaded antiquing bug.

  • By: Elizabeth Peavey
  • Illustrations by: Marguerite Robichaux

Speaker of the House

Once considered the most powerful man in Washington, Congressman Thomas B. Reed, of Portland, left a legacy so complicated politicians are still squabbling over it.

  • By: Jim Brunelle

Strange Beauty

In the drabness of November you take color wherever you can find it.

  • By: Richard Grant
  • Photography by: Jim Block

Where in Maine?

This beautiful hill was contested ground during the Aroostook War ? and again in the past few years. Can you identify it?

  • Photography by: Kevin Shields

150 Reasons to Give Thanks We Live In Maine

In no particular order

Letters to the Editor

Nothing to Fear In response to your article about Michael Heath and his opposition to gay rights and marriage [“Who’s Afraid of Michael Heath,” September 2005], here’s a news flash: My wife and I are happily married and live in Vermont where (gasp!) gays and lesbians have equal rights and (horrors!)

Battle of the Microbrews

We pit ten Maine beers against each other in a blind taste test to determine the tops in hops.


Honorary Natives

Opinions, advisories, and musings from the length and breadth of Maine

Turkeys Gone Wild

Maine?s wild turkey reintroduction program may have succeeded all too well.

  • By: Edgar Allen Beem

Voices of Maine

A new short-story collection showcases the state?s premier writers at their briefest and best.

  • By: Gerry Boyle

Winter Planner

No need to hibernate! Enjoying the cold months is easy in Maine.

Military Cheers and Tears

Maine survived the base-closing process much better than many expected.

Sunday Jazz

The Portland Museum of Art serves up a musical brunch sure to lift your spirits.

  • By: Andrew Vietze

My Fixer-Upper Man

Bruce and I have been married fifteen years, and we?ve yet to live in a finished house.

  • By: Hannah Jones

One Fifty Ate, South Portland

A loose cooperative of chefs and bakers brings the funk to Spring Point.

  • By: michael sanders

November Highlights

Late fall is the perfect season to visit the state?s theaters, concert halls, and museums.

Living on the Edge

Will a liquefied natural gas terminal bring prosperity to Pleasant Point and Perry?

  • By: Colin Woodard
  • Photography by: David A. Rodgers

The End of the Line for LNG

Passamaquoddy Bay is the last, not-so-best site for a liquefied natural gas terminal in Maine.

  • By: Jeff Clark

Tree Huggers

In 1961 sorority sisters at UMaine Orono put a new twist on the cramming craze.

  • By: Joshua F. Moore