May 2024

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The Great Maine Scavenger Hunt

Thirty-two activities that will keep you bouncing around the state in pursuit of the freshest clams, the tiniest bookstore, the largest salt marsh, and a whole lot more — enough fun to fill up an entire summer. By Bridget Burns, Will Grunewald, Nora Saks, and Sarah Stebbins

Storm Surge

In the span of a few months, a series of severe storms reshaped the Maine landscape. While most of us hunkered down, a handful of intrepid photographers ventured out in the thick of the weather. We’ve collected a selection of their shots to document the storms’ force and impact.

Against the Current

As the upstream battle against a destructive invasive plant in Cobbosseecontee Lake stretches into a sixth year, the long-term health of Cobbosseecontee — and of lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams around Maine — could hang in the balance. By Jesse Ellison

North by East

Carving Out a Life

A Portland printmaker’s illustrated memoir cuts deep.

Maine Moment

Food for Thought

Chewing the fat with a farmers’ market chatterbox.

New and Improved H20

Now, the H stands for hops.


A couple leaves their mark on a West Bath Cape.

All the Bells and Whistles

Bath’s maritime museum tunes in to the sounds of the coast.

A Real Shell Shock

A lobster festival in a truly surprising locale sure seems to have legs.

Maine Dispatches

Creature Features

Well shucks, when it comes to seashell products, they’re all winners.

Bulb Moment

A Belfast gardener’s tulip-filled yard is one of the brightest spots around.

C’est Si Bon

Lewiston’s bon Vivant has a certain je ne s’ais quoi.

Equipped for Adventure

Gear libraries are making the great outdoors more accessible.

Last One Standing

The oldest hotel on Old Orchard Beach gets a colorful update.

Room with a View

When summer comes knocking in Maine, let it in.


Where in Maine


Editor’s note, responses to March’s Where in Maine, the masthead, and more.

My Favorite Place

Record-setting hiker Briana DeSanctis, on the Coastal Trail in Cutler.

On the Cover: Owls Head Light, by Tara Rice.

Additional Photos: Dave Dostie, Tara Rice, and Dave Waddell