The Beauty of Camden Harbor

Camden, Maine

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Instagram Name: @the_joshtaylor

Until this past year, I probably would have been here in Louisiana admiring a similar photo in a magazine or on the internet wishing I could be in that moment. Well, this past summer I finally got to experience that moment for myself and capture the beautiful view with my own eyes, and it was such an amazing experience. This particular photo was captured in Camden, ME from the courtyard of the Camden Public Library looking out into the harbor, which was one of my first of many photos taken in this beautiful state. My destination; Bar Harbor, Maine and Acadia National Park, which turned out to be the best remedy for my second layoff of the year which came 2 days prior to this trip. With the best combination of mountains, water, and beaches, Maine’s coast has such a great variety of scenery and environments to please anyone’s vacational preferences, and I would definitely recommend a visit.

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