Smokehouse Winter Landscape

“Landmark herring smokehouse during a light snowfall. It’s located in Trescott, Maine at a place called Bailey’s Mistake.
For those not familiar with “Baileys Mistake” it originated back in the early 1700’s.
The story goes something like this:
There was then a renowned sea captain, a Captain Bailey who was known and revered for his exemplary seamanship and sailing skills. It seems he, his ship and crew had left Boston, Massachusetts bound for Lubec, ME, with a cargo of lumber.
As they approached West Quoddy Head Light they were socked in by a heavy, heavy fog. Old salt that he was, Captain Bailey, his ship and crew turned wrongly into this cove only to run aground high and dry.
It was out of this embarrassment and pride that Captain Bailey and his crew, then came ashore at this place and there used that cargo of lumber to build homes and settle at this location, never to again sail.
Bailey’s Mistake to this day carries the history of that fateful voyage in its name.
So here’s to old Bailey, who sailed the salt sea,
‘Till his ship ended up where ’twas not s’posed to be;

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