Rising Above the Mist

Fog had covered the whole of Bar Harbor and Acadia NP. Thirty minutes prior to taking these shots, I was down in the town engulfed in the fog with very little visibility. I took a chance and told my wife that we should drive up the Cadillac mountain road to see if we can rise above the fog level. I was not even thinking of the moonrise then. As soon as we cleared the fog bank on the way up the Cadillac mountain, I witnessed the two most beautiful things on the evening of July 4, 2020. First, the fog flowing through the valley created a sensational landscape that I was experiencing for the first time in 6 years of visiting Acadia National Park. Second, a beautiful full moon was rising over the foggy landscape glowing yellow in all majesty. It was decided then and there how I would be portraying the two together. The moonrise was shot with my telephoto lens and then I spent some time shooting long exposures of the flowing fog to my heart’s content. www.instagram.com/abhijitcpatilphotography

Image location – Acadia NP
Date of Capture – July 4, 2020
Time – Approx 8:30PM EDT

Submitted By: Abhijit Patil

Instagram Name: @abhijitcpatilphotography